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Durlach, July 1, 2024 – virtual7 GmbH is delighted to announce the successful planting of a tree on the premises of Raumfabrik in Durlach. This tree planting initiative is part of virtual7’s “Year of Values” and reflects its commitment to shaping the second quarter under the theme of “Inspire Growth.” The tree symbolizes both the company’s growth and the personal development of all its employees. Throughout the year, virtual7 emphasizes its four core values through various activities, including fostering employee skills and developing innovative solutions. At virtual7, a culture of continuous growth is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

The tree planting on June 19 also marked the ceremonial start of this year’s conference 2024, which commenced on the same day. This act underscores not only the company’s dedication to growth and sustainability but also its strong connection to the region and its headquarters in Durlach.

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