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Get to know us!

We can tell you a lot. What makes us as a team, what we are like and how we work together, you can best find out directly from our employees. Here you can get a little insight:


We are virtual7. Here you shape your world for the better.

We are an established, independent IT consulting company focused on the public sector. Our employees make full use of the potential of digitization, so that everyone can benefit from better public services. This is our contribution to society.

To live up to our purpose, we work in a system without hierarchies called Responsiveness: It allows every individual to take over roles that suit their interests and aspirations. Thus, empowering them to be self-responsible and shape the direction of their personal development.

We create ideal conditions for everyone to enjoy their life at virtual7 and grow along the way. Therefore, we encourage our “fail fast, fail forward” mindset and complete transparency, to ensure everybody sees their contribution and feels part of the whole. In an environment that puts common success over egos.

As a reliable employer for the public sector and responsive organization, we combine stability with freedom to act and grow.

Together we shape the digital future of Germany and make a meaningful difference.

Do you want to work on exciting projects with versatile customers? Do you expect not only technological skills from your colleagues but also real expert knowledge? Then you have come to the right place!


Create a better tomorrow.

Our passion for our job drives us every day. We work on projects that create real added value for the citizens of Germany. By taking responsibility for social issues, we can make a lasting change in digitalization and ensure a better tomorrow. read more >>

Re-think your daily work life.

Our responsive company organization encourages you to work independently and offers you freedom of choice in many areas of your daily work. We work differently than others. Completely without hierarchies, but with our Role Concept – you can take responsibility, try something completely new and drive your ideas forward in the company. read more >>

More than a promise.

When you work for us, you come to a place where trust, respect, transparency, and openness are at the core of our corporate culture. Together, we keep the promise to get better every day. read more >>



How does virtual7 work?

virtual7 realizes digitalization projects for the German public sector. With our specialization, we develop solutions that create added value for customers and citizens in Germany. For more than two years, we have been set up as a responsive company organization. We have linked responsibilities to Roles and handed over almost all decisions in the company to the team. With around 130 employees in Karlsruhe, Munich, Nuremberg, Pfäffikon, and Timişoara in Romania, virtual7 is represented in projects all over Germany.

Our understanding of team?

We see ourselves as ONEvirtual7. Therefore, we put great emphasis on technological skills as well as on soft and social skills. Since 2020, we have changed our company organization to Responsiveness. As a result, we live a high level of transparency across all Clusters.

What are Clusters & Circles?

Employees from the same specialist areas form a Cluster. Internal tasks are handled by Core Clusters. We call Clusters that work on projects Customer Clusters. The members decide independently which Roles are filled. The same Roles from different Clusters can join together to form Circles and work together across Clusters.

What does teamwork look like at virtual7?

We have adapted our meeting structures so that we can take decisions quickly together. Each employee can choose his or her Role and can take on responsibility. The Role Concept forms the basis for cross-cluster and cross-location collaboration at virtual7.

What does agility mean to us?

Do you prefer Scrum or Kanban? We found ways to work efficiently. Agile working methods suit us, make us fast and capable of action. Making mistakes is part of it - for us. We learn from them, and they are an opportunity for us to try out new things and create innovations.


Gratiela Baron
HR Recruiter
+40 256 222 173