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Hierarchies and fixed working hours do not work for us for a long time. But that’s not all! Benefit from our employee discounts, attractive overtime pay, your personal training budget, and more…


Icon mit einem Monitor, Münzstapeln und einem Smartphone auf grünem kreisförmigen Hintergrund, symbolisch für ein persönliches Hardwarebudget.
Individual Hardware Budget

With your own hardware budget, you can choose your preferred hardware.

Grüner Kreis mit weißem Haus
Home Office

Working from a home office allows you to coordinate your job and personal life in the best possible way.

Weißes Linien-Icon eines Stehtisches auf grünem kreisförmigen Hintergrund.
Sit-Stand Workstation

Your workplace is equipped with height-adjustable desks. This brings physical and mental movement into your daily work routine.

Icon mit zwei überlappenden weißen Kreisen auf grünem kreisförmigen Hintergrund, das für Transparenz steht.
Lived Transparency

We decide transparently, share our successes and failures to evolve together.

Icon von überlappenden weiß umrandeten Sprechblasen auf grünem kreisförmigen Hintergrund, symbolisch für das Einholen von Feedback.

Our feedback culture extends across all Roles and is always appreciative and sincere. It is the heart of our responsive organization, with which we continuously improve on a personal and corporate level.

Grüner Kreis mit weißer Zielscheibe und Pfeil in der Mitte auf transparentem Hintergrund
Contribution to Success

Our target system is the basis for the payment of the profit-sharing bonus – in addition to the contractually agreed salary. Due to our exceeded targets in 2021, all employees were able to benefit from a bonus payout of 200%.

Overtime Payment

You can choose between having your overtime paid out or having it converted into additional time off.

13th salary

We offer the 13th salary divided into two payments: 50% in December and 50% in April.

Celebrate together

We love to give so we take Christmas as an opportunity to share by offering vouchers to Iulius Town for you and your child.


Grüner Kreis mit weiße umrandeter analoger Uhr in der Mitte auf transparentem Hintergrund
Flexible Working Hours

You can organize your working hours freely according to your needs.

Grüner Kreis mit weiß umrandetem Prozentzeichen in der Mitte eines stilisierten Preisschildes auf grünem Hintergrund.

You get exclusive discounts to a list of partners from Iulius Town.

Medical services

Because we care about your health, we offer you medical insurance at Hyperclinica Medlife Timisoara.

Flexible budget

We offer a flexible budget which you can use for: medical insurance for another member of the family, an optional retirement plan, individual sports membership, and parking tickets (inside Iulius Town) limited to the allocated sum.

Vacation days

Your no. of vacation days will grow gradually according to your level of experience to a maximum of 30 days.


Icon eines zusammgerollten Diploms oder Zertifikats mit einem Euro-Zeichen in Weiß auf einem grünen kreisförmigen Hintergrund, das für unser Weiterbildungsbudget steht.
Personal Training Budget

An annual training budget is available to you, which you can use freely for your personal and professional development.

Recommendation bonus

We build our team carefully, we value the trust and we reward this initiative with a recommendation bonus through our “Employees recruit employees” program.

Icon einer Person im Zahnrad mit weißer Umrandung auf einem grünen kreisförmigen Hintergrund, steht für Coaching und persönliche Entwicklung.

Our mentors and coaches will support you in getting to know our company values, philosophy, and culture.

Icon eines Laptops mit Sprechblasen mit weißen Linien auf grünem kreisförmigen Hintergrund, steht für sportliche Bewegungspausen während der Arbeit.
Breakout Sessions

Every two weeks you can participate in our Mindful Breakout. Via Teams, we do a workout to clear your mind and get your body moving.

Icons eines weiß umrandeten Basketballs, Fußballs und American Footballs auf einem grünen kreisförmigen Hintergrund, symbolisch für die Vielfalt an Sport und sportlichen Aktivitäten.
Sports Activities

Find colleagues to go running, biking, or squashing. On Cluster Days and at the virtual7 conference, sports activities are always on the agenda.

Partyhut mit Konfetti in weißen Linien auf grünem Hintergrund, symbolisch für interne Partys und Feiern

Christmas parties, barbecues, or family celebrations – we always find a reason to get together. You are welcome to bring your family, partner, and children.


Gratiela Baron
HR Recruiter
+40 256 222 173