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Since 2020, we have set up a responsive company organization (Responsiveness). We have linked responsibilities to Roles and handed over almost all decisions in the company to the team. As a result, each individual finds a purpose in his or her work and can realize his or her potential through the Role Concept. Our determination to become better means that we make mistakes transparent and learn from them. For us, Responsiveness is a common continuous process in which we constantly move out of our comfort zone.

Customer in Focus.

The market and customer situation is changing rapidly – we can keep up. To this end, we have placed the needs and requirements of our customers at the center of our activities. Through Responsiveness, we promote shorter decision-making paths, which enable faster solutions to problems.

Our Responsibility.

The clear distribution of responsibilities enables fast reaction times across all areas. We see our responsibility in delivering individual solutions that inspire our customers and create real added value.

Each of us gets the freedom to develop individually.

Working in Clusters

Responsiveness brings together employees from the same specialist areas in Clusters. Clusters that work on customer projects are called Customer Clusters. Internal tasks are handled by our Core Clusters. All Clusters plan projects, revenues and costs independently.

Tasks and responsibilities within the Clusters are not linked to positions, but are grouped into Roles. The members decide independently which Roles a Cluster occupies and how important these are for the execution of their cluster specific tasks and the achievement of their Cluster strategy.

Takeover of Roles

Responsibilities and tasks are assigned by the Role Concept. This enables decentralized and independent work. Each Role has a clearly defined purpose and a free scope of action. A Role can be assumed by several employees. Responsibilities are clearly defined and described in Role definitions. All Roles can be accessed by every employee at any time. This creates a sense of duty, but above all clarity.

Independent Working

Employees take responsibility for organizing and implementing internal and external projects. Decisions are best made by those who deal with tasks and issues in their specialist area daily. Solutions can be achieved more quickly.

Our success is based on change and transparency.

Continuous Process

Responsiveness is not a state, but a continuous process. As employees, we have embraced continuous change together. We are open to admitting mistakes and growing as a team from them. This is the only way to create an organization that enables the desired flexibility and speed. Together, we are successful and achieve our goals.

Ready for Change

We respond flexibly and quickly to changing situations in the market, customer, and employee environment. The ongoing development of virtual7 requires a permanent readiness for change of every employee. Seniority in our team is a pillar for stability and successful as well as continuous growth.

Freedom of decisions and a positive error culture lead us to our common goal.

Shaping the Company

Our employees can participate in shaping the company. You too can work on strategic Initiatives and Task Forces on issues that are important to the company’s strategy. This enables employees to help shape internal issues, prepare changes and implement them together.

Faster Results

Without hierarchies, with defined processes and maximum transparency, we make decisions faster. Our meeting structure and error culture enable every employee to do his or her job efficiently. At the same time, all results are always visible to everyone.


Gratiela Baron
HR Recruiter
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