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All our consulting services have one overriding goal: the digitalization and optimization of processes, courses of action, and specialized procedures, measured in terms of maximizing effectiveness, cost savings, and future security. The prevailing legal situation in the judicial environment also has a major influence on the design, development, and implementation of specialized procedures.

Through our active involvement in development consulting for specialized procedures of forumSTAR, the eJustice basic services, and in S.A.F.E., as well as in the operation of eIP, we combine many years of expertise in the judicial environment with knowledge of digitalization projects in public authorities.

Our consulting approach does not present itself as highly theoretical, but rather pragmatic and always with an eye for what is possible and feasible. We advise from experience and with technical as well as professional understanding.


The meaningful and transparent use of artificial intelligence is not an easy task. With our experience in using the latest technologies and methods, we help you identify and implement the deployment scenarios that are relevant for you. A daily challenge, such as file penetration, can be massively accelerated with the help of Machine Learning.

By extracting information from documents and generating text summaries, content can be penetrated much faster. Taking into account transparency, data security, and independent decision making, we support your processes with Artificial Intelligence.


virtual7 GmbH specializes in the modernization of applications with Oracle history, especially in public administration. Our experts advise public innovation leaders such as the Federal Employment Agency (BA) or the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), but also the tax authorities in KONSENS development and the implementation of continuous work and communication processes in modern software systems.

Through our active involvement in the development consulting of forumSTAR, the eJustice basic services, and in S.A.F.E., as well as in the operation of eKP, we combine many years of expertise in the judicial environment with knowledge of digitalization projects in the public authorities. In doing so, we also manage to take into account both the interests during the specialist procedure development, as well as the requirements for the operation of the applications. Our strategy in the development of applications is to design overall architectures that combine the strengths of standard software in terms of standardization, further development, and maintainability with open source-based individual developments. This way you neither become dependent on a software vendor nor are you trapped in an expensive individual development that reinvents the wheel. In addition, we look at your infrastructure and licensing situation, which often hides enormous savings potential. With more than 110 employees, virtual7 offers you first-class expertise across the complete range of open source technology products.


Taking into account the business requirements and the framework conditions of the respective applications, we analyze and evaluate your high availability concept. In doing so, we not only consider the purely operational aspects but also incorporate our experience from DevOps projects and support you in defining and introducing the necessary operating procedures.

virtual7 offers you a comprehensive service portfolio in the area of security. Setting up the right operating infrastructure for the specialized procedures of electronic legal transactions (ERV) is already one of the most important aspects of secure operation. In addition, our experts support you in the correct authorization configuration of the complex components.

In cooperation with your operations managers, we plan and install updates, perform migrations and take over administrative tasks such as database management, backup/recovery, or monitoring of your servers and systems. Regular checks of the infrastructure are carried out, the components are subjected to a performance check and we report to you. In addition, we assist you in troubleshooting and develop conceptual solutions if the problems cannot be solved ad-hoc.

In addition to our technical expertise, we have extensive experience in the release planning and implementation of specialized procedures for electronic legal transactions and are familiar with the technical framework and requirements.


Our services include developing individual solutions, integrating various systems, modernizing existing applications, optimizing business and IT processes, and extracting enormous potential from existing data for you. At the same time, we make sure that your solution is maintained and operated in the best possible way. Specialization, expertise, and certifications enable us not only to offer you the best consultants but also to implement projects reliably and quickly. In addition, we provide you with training, coaching, and education on Oracle products. If you are looking for a competent, reliable, and powerful partner, we are your first choice.


To be or not to be AGILE? Choosing the best project approach is a science in itself, but often more a question of faith. virtual7 GmbH knows the public administration with all its requirements and needs and selects or combines the optimal project methodology based on the prerequisites and requirements. Our employees have a deep understanding of the V-Modell XT and know the advantages and disadvantages of the waterfall. We are experienced in inspiring departments with the advantages of agile project methods such as SCRUM and Kanban and are used to involving committees in this process. The key to success is a mutual relationship of trust, a common striving for success, to make a development project a successful experience for the users.






With the support of virtual7, you can achieve a trouble-free operation of your business processes and further improve your operating environment. In the event of a malfunction, the service contents assigned must lead to a rapid restoration of the affected services (cause elevation and cause elimination). For this purpose, virtual7 works closely with the operating staff of the Bavarian State Office for Taxes (RZ Nord) and also incorporates third parties such as ORACLE or organizational units such as development departments, that are responsible for judicial procedures.


In the event of problems, questions or planning in the area of development and operation of individual software, a seamless support for ORACLE components with access to the ORACLE development is provided. This support includes in-depth communication across all levels of all parties involved (Jus-IT as representative of the development association, manufacturer IBM as well as the Bavarian State Office for Taxes — data center RZ Nord as operator). For the products mentioned above, expertise is provided by virtual7.


As a provider of operational support services for the German Electronic Integration Portal (eIP) of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice, virtual7 ensures the operation of this platform as the central element of the commissioning. The majority of the tasks within the scope of these services are performed independently by the consultants and administrators of virtual7, which ensures the control of the performed tasks. As part of the eIP process, the document management system Alfresco is also used, which is administered and maintained by another service provider. virtual7 cooperates operationally with this service provider in the course of providing the eIP. The employees involved represent one another and have numerous qualifications and skills.

The technology used in the field of Justice


WebLogic Server

SOA Suite




Java SE

Identity and Access-Management

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Linux Enterprise Server