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The fundraising campaign “move your ass for a good cause” collects 400€ for the FUoKK

Thanks to the active participation of virtual7 employees in a company-internal fundraising campaign, the FUoKK can be pleased about a financial contribution of 400€.

The association for the support of the oncological department of the pediatric clinic Karlsruhe eV (FUoKK) supports the ward in every respect in its efforts to provide the young patients with the best possible care.

The “move your ass for a good cause” campaign originally stemmed from a running challenge that motivated employees at virtual7 during the Corona pandemic to get enough exercise in their home offices. Because of the good response and the lively participation, the idea arose to establish a fundraising campaign. For every kilometer run, 50 cents were to be donated. The campaign began on January 1 and all kilometers run by February 28 counted. Over the period of time, several runners and additional individual donations from virtual7 employees raised a total of 400€, which the FUoKK was happy to receive last week.

The virtual7 team is very proud to be able to make a modest contribution to the important and valuable work of the FUoKK.

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