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We achieve our goals together by using our expert knowledge across teams. That’ s why we place great emphasis on technological skills as well as on human and social competencies. In our daily work together, we like to combine work with fun. Collegiality and respect strengthen our community. When all colleagues get together, events are celebrated extensively and the common time is used for a comfortable exchange over beer or wine. In addition, we also live out the team spirit digitally by using internal apps and Microsoft Teams as community tools for us and share all the news about virtual7 with each other.


We are not only employees, but also parents and are very happy that we do not have core working hours or fixed office hours. We use the flexibility this gives us to organize our working hours in a way that suits our family. Contact with our colleagues’ families is also important to us, and so not only all colleagues but also our families, partners and children are invited to Christmas parties and barbecues. In addition, there is a virtual7 Family Day, at which more than 20 children have a lot of fun – attractions such as a bouncy castle and childcare included.


Everyone needs an appropriate balance to their work. That’s why prevention and health promotion are particularly important to us. We are not competitive athletes or fitness gurus, but we know how to free our minds together and exercise. Of course, this is encouraged by virtual7, so colleagues always get together to go running, biking, squashing, or kicking a soccer ball. On the team days, exercise and sporting activities are just as much part of the agenda as the professional exchange with colleagues.


The further development of every employee is driven by our high quality standards. We have scheduled training periods and the opportunity to shape our personal development on our own responsibility. Our feedback and development model provides an orientation framework for the exchange between the role of Team Development and Employee with regard to personal as well as professional development. In addition, we are provided with a personal budget for external training.


As a Consultant, you travel a lot on a day-to-day basis. At our company, travel time is considered working time and is linked to overtime payment. Whether we are on our way to customers, community events, trade fairs, conferences or meetings in one of our offices – we are usually on the road by car, train or plane. Our Core Cluster Office Management supports us with travel planning and booking.


Anyone who unites as many experts under one roof is naturally also very popular in the communities. Our involvement in the various communities serves to exchange technical information, gain new ideas and approaches to solutions, and share our experience with other experts. Throughout the year, you can find us at various conferences and trade fairs related to modern technologies. In addition, we support hands-on projects at universities and are active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing.





Fabian Herdle is the contact person for all questions regarding your career at virtual7.

Fabian Herdle
HR Recruiter
t. +49 721 61 90 17 45