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virtual7 fair presence at online akademika rated as successful

(Karlsruhe, 27.11.2020) Generating attention, increasing awareness, getting to know potential employees: After two intensive days at the job fair akademika ahead, which took place online for the first time, virtual7 can, according to initial assessments, consider its expectations for this year’s fair to have been met. On November 24 and 25, 2020, virtual7 was able to present itself as an employer in the technology region of Karlsruhe as well as in Nuremberg and Munich. On both days of the fair, students, graduates of all disciplines and young professionals had the opportunity to get to know virtual7 and two of its employees.

Based on a well-known dating app, potential applicants and company representatives were able to swipe through the profiles created in advance – liking and disliking – until it was clear: It’s a match!

Afterwards there was the possibility to chat and to make an appointment during akademika ahead. On the event days themselves, applicants were able to get to know the company culture and employees from the Human Relations and Consulting departments from their home display with the help of a live presentation of the company. The entire offer was free of charge after registration.

In previous years, virtual7 GmbH had already been represented at akademika, which took place in Nuremberg. This year, the design of the trade show appearance differed significantly from those of previous years. Neither the conception of the booth design nor information material such as flyers and large wall elements had to be designed. Rather, it was the live presentation and the talks via video conference through which the company had to create attention.

Despite the new format, this year’s akademika could also be considered a success. Many new contacts were made with students, graduates and career changers. A total of 35 discussions were held with potential applicants and the feedback on the live presentation by an employee was consistently positive. This year, the expectations differed from those of past trade fair appearances, as virtual7 had the opportunity to match with interested parties in advance due to the novel concept of akademika.

This made it possible to ensure right from the start that interests and expectations matched, which made communication much easier. It also ensured that the limited time of 15 minutes per conversation was used in an informative and meaningful way. In comparison, face-to-face conversations during previous trade show appearances did not go beyond an initial meeting and were rather superficial. A relaxed atmosphere was created by the employees representing the company. In this way, it was possible to break through the distance created by the video conference and achieve a personal exchange at eye level. When selecting new employees, virtual7 attaches great importance to integrating them as well as possible into the existing team in order to ensure that their entry into the company is as uncomplicated as possible.

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