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Data Warehouse Expert at the Raumfabrik Durlach

(Karlsruhe, 28.07.2022) From June 27 to 29, the employees of virtual7 GmbH got the opportunity for a training with Roelant Vos in the company’s premises at the headquarters in Karlsruhe. The training budget provided to each employee made it possible to invite Vos for a three-day training.

The internationally renowned expert was able to present solution approaches in the area of Data Warehousing (DWH) “Design Patterns” and Data Vault (DV).The Deep Dive around the topic, is to be carried into the customer environment of the various clusters in the future and create added value. A wide range of topics from the field of DWH were covered. Employees benefited from the expert’s experience in the field of Data Vault. Data Vault modeling shows solutions to manage complex issues. The use of virtualization techniques favors flexibility, as different modeling approaches can be generated and tested in real time. In its daily work, the Customer Cluster Finance deals with this topic and was thus able to enter into a professional exchange.

Vos deals with the integration and interpretation of data for the optimization of business processes. This is intended to improve overall data quality and optimize processing speed. For many years, he has been considered a pioneer of modern development techniques through process automation and model-driven design.


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