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Increased service revenue, stable growth and sustainability pay off for virtual7  and all its employees

At virtual7’s official Company Update on February 10th, 2023, the company was able to present positive figures all around for the 2022 financial year. Managing directors Marcus Weiss and Jochen Rieg presented the annual results for 2022 and proudly announced that all goals and plans for the year had been exceeded.
Despite the adversities of high inflation and increased energy costs of the past year, the targeted revenues were more than achieved and the company was able to build on the spectacularly good results of 2021. With an organic growth rate of over 20% and service revenue of €26.1 million in 2022, virtual7 has had another successful year.

Thanks to the overachievement of the set targets, all employees of virtual7 will thus also enjoy a bonus payment this year to share in the good annual result. While a quarter of German companies suspend wage increases, virtual7 has found a way to implement relevant salary increases and support for its employees in times of high inflation, while at the same time ensuring stability and sustainability.

In addition to the positive sales figures, the managing directors were also able to report on new employees recruited for the company in 2022. The declared goal was a stable growth of the virtual7 workforce. This goal was also overachieved through retention management and the recruiting process, and the company continues to grow. With a turnover rate that is far below the industry average, virtual7 is able to ensure that the company’s employees are retained in the long term due to the high level of employee satisfaction.

The Company Update was also the kickoff for the year 2023 and accordingly the annual plans and strategy adjustments were presented. The goals for 2023 are ambitious, both in terms of sales and workforce growth. However, the managing directors also place a high value on stability and sustainability for this year, so that virtual7 and its employees can continue to successfully shape the digitization of Germany. In a secure market as an employer and service provider, virtual7 has established itself and can also look to the future with optimism for 2023.

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