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Thanks to a successful fiscal year 2022, employees benefit from support in times of high inflation and uncertainty.

At the last company update of virtual7 GmbH on October 7th, the managing directors Marcus Weiss and Jochen Rieg presented an updated report on the current company year to the staff.

Even in the general crisis year of 2022, virtual7 GmbH was able to successfully hold its own in the IT services market with digitization projects for the public sector. Thus, it was able to offer its employees a safe haven over the last 10 months with full order books. Neither the ongoing Corona pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine and its energy policy consequences, nor inflation were able to negatively impact the order situation for the company.

As a result, it is expected that all targeted goals for 2022 will be more than achieved and the company will be able to report an 18% increase in sales in the service business. As a result, the employees can look forward to an increased bonus payment at the end of the year.

Based on the very good development in the current year and the also promising forecasts for the business year 2023, the managing directors have promised the employees in Germany as well as in Romania financial support with regard to coping with increased energy prices and inflation.

Furthermore, virtual7 has decided to grant the employees in Germany a flat five percent salary increase in addition to individually negotiated salary adjustments (the Romanian colleagues will even receive 10% due to the higher inflation there).  In addition, virtual7 will make a one-off payment to help employees compensate for the anticipated additional expenses during the heating period in the form of the so-called “Inflationsprämie” (inflation premium).

One of the most important goals for 2022, to continue to grow the virtual7 team of experts, was also achieved and numerous new employees were recruited.

With the good establishment of virtual7 GmbH as a service provider for public administration and as a secure employer, both the employees and the management can look forward to a successful conclusion of the year 2022 and a promising year 2023.

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