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(Karlsruhe, ) By winning a tender from the “IT services” area of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Data and Information Office (LDI), virtual7 GmbH has succeeded in further advancing the digitization of the public sector.
As a central service provider, the LDI performs government information and communication technology tasks in the state administration.
In the implementation of the project to introduce the electronic file (“eAkte”) in all courts of the state, virtual7 GmbH has now been commissioned to further develop and expand the existing infrastructure of the so-called “eJustice” environments. In the process, particular importance is attached to ensuring that data protection requirements are met.

The goal is to have completed the implementation by 01.01.2026 and to have the “eAkte” ready for use. On 01.06.2018, the first pilot of the electronic file in first-instance civil matters already took place at the Kaiserslautern Regional Court. In the meantime, the solution has been introduced at other judicial locations.
In the long term, the underlying software “electronic integration portal (eIP)” will lead to a significant acceleration of court proceedings. In addition, the implementation of the project will also eliminate the printing, labeling and mailing of paper documents in the future.

As part of the tender won, virtual7 GmbH will provide IT services of appropriate quality to ensure the success of the project in terms of time and technical objectives. This is to ensure the support of specialists with special technical know-how and the implementation of the project on the targeted date.


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