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virtual7 GmbH was once again successful in winning a framework agreement for IT services for the ITZBund.

The award procedure won by the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs (BMI), and by the Federal Information Technology Center (ITZBund) respectively, is aimed at covering the needs of the federal administration for IT services in the area of Oracle databases.

Support was sought in the form of “database administrators” and “application developers”. These positions perform various tasks to ensure planning, provisioning, monitoring, optimization and support of databases in the Oracle environment.

Since the use of Oracle databases is optimized for efficient organization and presentation of data volumes, their application can also be versatile. Thus, the services that virtual7 provides to the client are just as diverse. They include, among other things, the installation, configuration and administration of Oracle database systems, administration of authentication and access rights, or the analysis of errors and problems as well as their elimination.
In addition, virtual7 employees will be responsible for migrating existing databases to Oracle databases, as well as planning and implementing system security measures.

The ITZBund has set itself the goal of enabling citizens as well as companies to make use of an uncomplicated, fast and secure exchange with the administration. With this framework agreement, virtual7 GmbH supports the project and thus ensures the digitization of Germany’s public sector.

The effort is specified at 37,690 person days and the term is designed for 48 months.

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