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(Karlsruhe, 02.11.2022) The application BERUFENET of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) goes online with a new design on 31.10.2022. It provides information on training and further education, studies and careers for citizens. virtual7 is represented in the responsible team within the project.

The need for a new application is technical in nature. The application was based on Oracle ADF in a version that expires at the end of 2022. An upgrade including customizations would have been very close to a new development. Therefore, the decision was made for a new design and a technology change in line with the strategy. BERUFENET offers young people support in career guidance and adults the opportunity to find out about occupations. In addition, the application provides clear information for advisors within the BA.

The application has been adapted to the new design of the Federal Agency’s website. In addition, an intuitive user interface is intended to improve the usability of the application. User tests were carried out in advance with potential users and the BA’s active consultants. The BERUFENET application provides an interface to other applications. Thus, additional information, such as further training opportunities within the searched occupation, can be retrieved.

It’s the Goal to completely replace the old product with the new application. The line team, which was significantly involved in the development, will take over the maintenance and support of the application in the future.

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