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virtual7 GmbH bears costs for learning support for school-age children of employees

(Karlsruhe, ) The coronavirus presents major challenges for employees of virtual7 GmbH and their approximately 30 school-age children: From internal annual discussions, it became clear that balancing working from home and homeschooling is increasingly becoming a burden. School-age children deal with fears and worries about differences in performance and growing pressure, while their parents face the challenge of coordinating daily work in the home office and school care in the best possible way. In cooperation with Schülerhilfe, virtual7 provides its employees with financial resources amounting to 16,000 euros for learning support.

Schülerhilfe is one of the leading providers of qualified education and tutoring services in Germany. For more than 45 years, it has offered individual tutoring in small groups of three to five students at around 1,000 locations. Schülerhilfe offers support in all common subjects, for all classes and school types. The school-age children of employees can take advantage of free tutoring through the service.

According to a study by the ifo Institute, schoolchildren in Germany spent an average of 4.3 hours a day at school during the third wave of the pandemic, almost 3 hours less than on a normal school day.

Effective June 01 until December 31, 2021 for the time being, every child of school age has the option of being tutored in up to 3 subjects and a total of up to 50 lessons of 90 minutes each. The cost of the tutoring is borne by virtual7.

The total amount is provided from a budget of the management.

The management is aware that the pandemic and its effects on everyday life represent an enormous challenge for every team member on very different levels. This support is intended to alleviate any concerns on the part of the children and parents and to help reconcile homeschooling and working from home.

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